Hope you enjoy your journey through some of my favorite links.  Some have been recommended to me by school groups.  Take the time to check them out!
Learning About Insects on the Playground
This site was recommended by a Girl Scout troop (C. Powell) that is a great resource for kids and learning about various insects to include butterflies.  It contains many links providing information on ants, beetles, bees, ladybugs and more.  Check it out.

Gardians of the Garden
This site has recommendations on ridding your gardens of unwanted pests using organic methods or homemade and non-toxic remedies.  As always use with caution.

How to Attract Butterflies
                            This site provides the basics of how to start a butterfly garden, nectar (butterfly) plants, host (caterpillar) plants, Monarch migration and a bunch of links at the end of the article.  Site suggested by
                            ​C. Gilbert.

The Caterpillar Lab
                            Dedicated to caterpillar information.  Has frequently asked questions.  Under the Resources tab are interesting videos.  Sign up for their blog or on Facebook.   They have an attraction in New Hampshire that is open to the public too.


The Villages Butterfly Gardens Club
                            A butterfly gardens club open to the residents of The Villages, Florida. Visit our website to find what we are working on and information on plants and butterflies that we are trying to attract to our gardens.


Stewardship Garden Milkweed Problems

Information on some of the bugs on milkweeds and other information under some of the tabs on milkweeds and butterflies.

How to Create a Beautiful Butterfly Filled Garden
Thanks to Tyler for recommending this site.  
                            ​Step-by-step instructions on how to create a beautiful butterfly garden and the benefits of doing so.  Good information listed here.

Gardens and Grasshoppers:Kids Guide to Insects
Thanks to Lauren and Joan for recommending this site.  This site leads you to many more links with information on earthworms, butterflies, bees, spiders and grasshoppers.

How to tell the difference between a Question Mark and Comma Butterfly
This site from Trek Ohio answers this question and much more.  They also have an online field guide to butterflies in Ohio, but this can be used for many other states.  Very informative.Ohio Field Guide to Butterflies and Skippers

Children's Butterfly Site
A good site for kids.  Coloring pages, FAQs, butterfly life cycles and more.
Milkweed Sap in Eyes
Milkweed sap is dangerous to our eyes.  Summer is hot and humid and we sweat.  Be very careful NOT to get sap into ones eyes.  This link advises what one should do if they get sap into their eyes.
Hardy Plants
Hardy Plants sells seeds.  I have ordered from them and they give excellent instructions on starting your seeds.  They are based in Minnesota.
Shady Oaks Butterfly Farm - Butterfly Fun Facts

Shady Oaks Butterfly Farm Store
The first link offers links to over 390 pages of information on butterflies.  This includes their life cycles, photos, diseases and how to raise and much more.  The second link is their store.  They sell eggs, caterpillars, butterflies, supplies etc to states that they have the license to send to.

Building Your Own Home Garden
On this site you will find information on planting trees, veggies, flowers etc.  Offers help with your landscaping and kid activities.
Monarch Parasites
Having problems with raising Monarchs?  This is the place to go for information on parasites and diseases.
Snowberry Clearwing Moths or Bumblebee Moths
This site has information about this moth and some wonderful photos of its lifecycle.  Enjoy!
Home and Garden Calculators
This site was recommended by Libby.  This site will assist you with calculating the size of your garden, the number of plants you need, how much mulch to use and many more things.  Check it out!

Garden Basics for Kids
This site was recommended by Amy.  Her teacher and class are working on several projects and learning as they go along.  Fun activities that parents can do with their kids.

Raising Butterflies
An interesting site containing lots of information.  They have basics for beginners, techniques and setups and more.  They also have a map to click on for your section of the USA.

Golden Treasures - Where Do Butterflies Come From?
This site has links to answer all sorts of butterfly and their life cycle questions.  Also, there are links to Butterfly Crafts and Games for kids.

Milwaukee Butterfly Trail
On county grounds that were being prepared for use, a florist worked hard to campaign for some of the land to be preserved.  She observed Monarchs roosting in a sycamore tree and that started it all.

Kemp Florist Butterfly Gardening Information
This site provides links for some of the behaviors of butterflies and other information.  The site was recommended by a school group in PA.

Thunder Ridge Gardens Raising Monarch Butterflies
Site contains information about Monarch butterflies and gardening with many photos and links.  

Butterflies of America
An interactive listing of American Butterflies, electronic library and other links are offered here.

Obsession With Butterflies
Learn about butterflies and gardening for them and all sorts of other interesting information.

Wisconsin Butterflies
Learn all about Wisconsin Butterflies.

The Florida Monarch Butterfly Website
This site contains quite a bit of information on the Monarch butterfly.  Contains pictures of emergence and how to tell a male from a female.  Worth a visit.

The North American Butterfly Association
This site is a butterfly organization that one can belong to.  Filled with plenty of information.

The Butterfly Site
Explore the exciting world of butterflies here.  A great resource for butterfly information.

Monarch Watch
A site dedicated to information on the Monarch butterfly.  Maps of the current migration, raising information, growing milkweed information and much more.

Butterflies of SouthEast Arizona

Moths of SouthEast Arizona
These sites contain a lot of information of butterflies and moths of the southeastern side of Arizona

                                                RLE PhotoNature Photography site is certainly well worth a visit with many pictures posted.

Butterflies of the North America
Nice site with loads of information.

This is  one of my favorite ones.  It contains so much information that it will take you hours to go through it.   Also, they have a forum for your butterfly questions, a calendar of events,and the list goes on and on.  This is what I consider one of the largest butterfly websites on the web.

Butterfly World, Florida
One of my favorite places to visit.  Whenever I am in the area I stop in.  It is located just north of Ft. Lauderdale in Tradewinds Park.

Tips for Butterfly Plants
A site with recommendations for what plants to grow for butterflies.  Not all plants work in all areas.